Polish American Club
of Greater Sacramento

How To Find Us

Celebrating Nearly Three Decades at 327 Main Street

Twenty-nine years ago the Sacramento Polish American Club purchased an old dilapidated building in 1987 which was considered by many to be an eye sore in the city of Roseville. Today, nearly three decades later, we have a facility which we can all look to with pride. It is representative of the culmination of the countless hours as well as blood, sweat and, even at times tears, by a small group of sincere hardworking dedicated people. Some donated money. Some donated labor. Some were able to make the gift of both.

Our quest for a club house actually began coincidentally in the fall of 1977 when an enthusiastic and active member of our club, Mr. Anthony Survill, performed a typical act of kindness in helping someone in need. Against Anthony's protests, the recipient insisted on giving him 20 dollars. In turn, Anthony donated the money to the club and requested that it be used to establish a building fund. Thus, the seed was planted from which the building fund grew and multiplied and resulted in the wonderful refurbished building that you see today.

Even though our membership in earlier times consisted of only about 70 persons, various fundraisers and solicitations began. One of the most notable was the publication of our own Polish Cook Book, Z Polskiej Kuchni. Through widespread publicity and distribution, we received orders from as far away as Florida and other East Coast destinations.

What great proof that, indeed, from small beginnings great results can be accomplished!